August 18, 2014 marks 500 days until the target date for the Millennium Development Goals, the world’s “to-do list” to improve lives and alleviate poverty around the world. Over the course of 500 minutes on August 18, a broad group of communities will come together to support the United Nations and the MDGs.

Below you can find resources on how to learn more about MDG 500 and tools to help you spread the word! You can view the ‘MDG 500 Social Media Toolkit’, ‘MDG 500 Fact Sheet’, and printable MDG signs below.

Download PDF versions of all the files, MDG icons, and logos here.

Read the most recent United Nations Millennium Development Goals Report 2014 to see the MDG progress that has been made and to learn about the work that is being done at the UN and by individuals around the world.

MDG 500 Social Media Toolkit

MDG 500 Fact Sheet

Download the Fact Sheet in Spanish
Download the Fact Sheet in French

Printable MDG Graphics

Check back for new resources and instruction guides to set up online conversations.


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MDG 1 - Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
MDG 2 - Achieve Universal Primary Education
MDG 3 - Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
MDG 4 - Reduce Child Mortality
MDG 5 - Improve Maternal Health
MDG 6 - Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other Diseases
MDG 7 - Ensure Environmental Sustainability
MDG 8 - Global Partnership for Development