July 12, 2024

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Asthma and Allergies – Is Vikane Termite Fumigation For You?

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Termite Fumigation can cause some serious problems for certain individuals with Asthma and Allergies. Vikane is the usual chemical treatment method for dry wood termite problems. It is a gas that is used in relation to tenting homes for termites. What this means it that your entire home will be sealed under a covering that looks like a tent. Then they pump Vikane Gas aka Sulfuryl Fluoride inside and circulate it with fans for one day. The next day, the tent is taken off, and the house is aired out till the Vikane Gas is at safe levels to enter. It is safe to go back inside by the third day. Usually people worry themselves about termite fumigation and think that the gas will stick to furniture and counter tops, but the truth is none of this happens with Sulfuryl Fluoride Gas and it has been proven that after the house has been aired, the little amount of gas that remains is completely safe for human breathing.

The preceding statement is what the Termite Industry would have you believe is the total truth. I have had several clients who have severe allergies who could not go into a Sulfuryl Fluoride Gas fumigated house for over two months because they started having allergy problems as soon as they walked into the house. Most people who have allergies are very sensitive to this gas and must be very careful to avoid it till it totally dissipates in the home. Two months is the longest I have seen in 15 years but I am sure there is the exception.

Is there any way to rid your house of dry-wood termites other than fumigation? There are safer methods of killing Termites than using Sulfuryl Fluoride Gas. The methodology is the same, they tent the house, then they pump heat in instead of Vikane. This is a much safer alternative and you can go into the house the same day they remove the tent over the house. This heat treatment works good, it does have its problems but is safer than Sulfuryl Fluoride Gas which is toxic to people. The good thing is that the cost is about the same.

In conclusion, Termite Fumigation has serious problems for some individuals with Asthma and Allergies. I have personally known several individuals who were allergic to Vikane Gas residuals in homes up to two months after it was fumigated. There are safer alternatives such as Heat Treatments for Termites. The cost is similar in both cases. It is important that you check out all the alternatives before you make up your mind. Talk to the Professionals of both types of treatments and get the right answers for your case. If you feel that you have been affected by Vikane Gas, consult with your Doctor immediately.

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