Dextoxification Process In Ayurveda – Panchkarma

Detoxification is a medical process to remove toxins from the human body. Detoxification speaks the truth resting, cleaning and feeding the body with nutrients from the back to the front. By uprooting and taking out poisons, then encouraging your body with sound supplements, detoxifying can help shield you from an ailment and reestablish your capacity to keep up ideal wellbeing.

Detoxification aims at removing toxins from the body and preventing accumulation of new toxins in the body as they causes illness in the body.

Detoxification Process:

Basically detoxification means blood purification. Body Organs like lungs, kidney, intestine and skin helps the body in removing toxins through them. Making the blood circulation, regular in these organs can help the body detox.

How the need for Detoxification realizes??

The following symptoms can help one to understand their bodily behavior against toxification:

• Restlessness

• Skin Problems

• Allergies

• Menstrual Issues

• Constipation

• Sexual Dysfunction

Body’s Natural way to detoxify it:

• Give rest to your organs by fasting

• Allow your body to sweat so that body toxins can release through the skin.

• Enrich your body with nutrients.

• Avoid coming in contact with pollutants.

Another few preventive measures which could be followed to reduce toxin levels in your body include elimination of alcohol, coffee, cigarettes.

Try to reduce the use of chemical cleaners used in your surrounding and health care products like shampoos, deodorants, etc. Stress triggers the release of stress hormone in our body and hence slows down the working activity of detoxifying enzymes in the liver and raises the body toxin level.

Hence by making the changes in our diet plan, having a high fiber meal, keeping ourselves happy can help the body detox and healthy.

In Ayurveda the special process of detoxification is known as Panchkarma. This process eliminates all toxins. Every individual takes its best food to live a healthy life, then also he or she gets some diseases or restlessness/ tiredness. This shows that all the toxins are not eliminated by passing stool daily or urination or sweating. Very fine particles of undigested food particles (known as AAMA in Ayurveda) deposited in blood, cells, tissues and organ level and be the main cause of diseases. This panchkarma process is known as shorthand chikitsa and has a major role to rejuvenate individual and leads to 100 years of life.

Panchkarma means five processes

1. Vamana- Drug induced vomiting

2. Virechana- Therapeutic Purgation

3. Vasti – detoxification via anus

4. Nasya – elimination of toxins by nasal route

5. Raktmokshan – detoxification of blood

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