Diabetes Starts With Weak Flabby Muscles

Not very many people understand the importance of stable blood sugar levels. They are the very foundation of good health. Constantly high or wildly fluctuating levels can inflict enormous hidden damage to organs, tissues and cells that come into contact with the excess glucose and the high levels of insulin produced to bring the level down. This damage can have serious long-term negative effects on health that can shave years or even decades off life-span.

We used to believe that only diabetics had to worry about their blood sugar levels but this is no longer so. Even if you are not diagnosed as a diabetic, you may still be on the borderline and poor blood sugar control can have a devastating effect on your health. The longer the time it remains out of control the shorter your life. You can even be in a pre-diabetic state for years and continue to progress to full blown diabetes without even realizing it.

High blood sugar levels occur when your body is unable to use the sugar in the bloodstream. The body produces insulin to help move the sugar into the muscle cells to be used for energy. But if the muscle cells cannot use it they resist it and do not allow it to be taken up so it travels around the body affecting all the organ systems and doing damage to everything it touches.

The reasons why the muscle cells cannot take up the energy is the fact that only eight out of ten people use their muscles enough with proper strengthening exercise. Our modern sedentary world allows our muscles to wither and shrink which means their energy needs are way below what they should be.

Fifty odd years ago and beyond this modern day problem that has now become epidemic hardly was ever heard about. Now it is becoming a major global health threat that is the fourth leading cause of death in our society. But you actually do not die from diabetes you die from the damage it does to sensitive tissues that trigger other disease.

You may not realize it if you have a low amount of lean muscle tissue and your body composition (muscle/fat ratio) has become unbalanced you have an increased risk for ‘glucose resistance’ which increases your risk of diabetes. Without healthy toned muscle from proper physical activity there is simply nowhere for the sugar converted from the food you eat to go

So the very easy thing to do to rectify this situation is to get started on a proper strength training program to help prevent or even manage diabetes. Your muscle tissue is the body’s largest reservoir requiring glucose uptake from the blood so its strength and health is paramount in controlling this deadly disease and weak flabby muscles will not do anything to help you avoid it.

This is such a simple thing to do to help your body keep itself healthy. Just 2-3 sessions each week of proper strength training exercise with some effort put into them will go a very long way to helping you get and keep your blood sugar levels under control and reduce damage. It does not really matter if you do not like to exercise – that is irrelevant – it is non-negotiable and a far better option than taking toxic drugs which do nothing to fix the problem up at base level.

You have the power to reverse pre-diabetes and banish it from your life forever and the place to start is your exercise program. As a bonus you will get multiple other health benefits that will surprise and delight you as they show themselves and you will never want to stop.

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