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DiDe launches!

Diet Desires Mexican QuinoaFriends and Food Lovers:  I am pleased to announce that I am officially launching my Diet Desires website!! I affectionately call it DiDe (dye-dee).
It has been quite a learning curve and thanks to those who helped me iron out the technical issues.  Reminds me of how Microsoft launches products.  Just get it out there even if it’s only 80% done and then fix the features when they scream at you! So please feel free to scream Or just stay with me a bit longer.
Image: Mexican Quinoa on my kitchen table.
Would love your feedback in two ways:  (1)  Just stay subscribed!  (2) Or send me a mail: What is YOUR food preference? (Normal, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, low-carb, low-salt, Mediterranean, flexitarian, plant-based etc.)  Surely you have different food needs, especially during COVID. What would that be? Please send me any general comments you wish. I reply to everyone.  If you like the writing in this Health and Longevity Blog, feel free to pass it on to anyone – they can subscribe to the attached newsletter online.
Virtual hug (Tavpuszi in Hungarian), stay safe!
Hanna (Hajna)

I am your personal recipe curator and tailor

This is my first newsletter for my new baby — the Diet Desires blog. It will grow and change through its readers, if I am lucky. I hope to hear your input. It’s all about Desire!  I hope you will desire to see a recipe, especially a recipe which might be inspired by your dream, a travel trip, dietary need or nostalgia. Entertainment LighthouseWith my newsletters I would like to offer a colorful and innovative entertainment & information “lighthouse” with red, orange, yellow lights representing your right brain mainly – like passion, happiness, humor, energy etc. Occasionally some blue, green for your left brain – like health information, helpful tricks, or calming experiences.
Instagram: OKUDA SAN MIGUEL I like to think of myself as a passionate curator and a recipe tailor for you, all the while focusing on health and longevity. Diet Desires Diet CategoriesHow can I help you? I have been cooking and collecting recipes all my life.  Lately try to make them  to be low-carb, vegan, gluten-free, low-salt, Mediterranean, etc. (see diets covered in my blog at right). But a dish can’t be free of everything!  If we start limiting too many ingredients, I am afraid we end up with a plate of very healthy ice cubes!
Fear not ice cubes, for I am Hungarian. When I was young, Hungarian food had to be fatty and salty.  A healthy meatless Hungarian dish was an oxymoron. Not anymore. Influenced by science and education, many of us are changing the carbs, bad fat, and still want to eat tasty food.
In my recipes, many noteworthy old Hungarian ingredients might remain, enriching through American recipes. Portions will be smaller.  I might offer vegan options. For example, you can see where I’m going when I reveal that I occasionally use my favorite taste enhancer: small bits of smoked uncured bacon, just for the taste. Dining without guilt is my motto in this Health and Longevity Blog. Is there such a thing really? Oh YES!

Old to New American Diet by American Cancer InstituteHanna’s news bits

The New American Plate

Image: Old to New American Plate – American Institute for Cancer Research
Just have read a
new article by American Institute for Cancer Research on “Setting Your Table to Prevent Cancer”. Great source for health prevention. The article describes The
New American Plate as opposed to the Old American Plate.
You can see the difference in these images.

Hungary’s influence on American veganism

Béla Bicsérdy Hungarian Vegan KingBéla Bicsérdy (Zenta, February 22, 1874 – Billings, Montana, December 7, 1951) was a Hungarian pioneer in health culture, naturopath, alternative medicine advocate, lecturer, author of many books, athlete, supporter of rawism [raw food movement], fasting and holistic therapies. His basic thesis was that it is possible to overcome disease by taking up radical vegetarianism, or “defeating Death,” as one of Bicsérdy’s books heralded.

Borbély, Ştefan. “Utopian Thinking in Transylvania: German and Hungarian Case Studies.” Transylvanian Review XXVII, no. 02 (2018): 83–91.

At the end of 1944, Bicsérdy and his wife at the time – he was married five times! – left Hungary for Germany, and they emigrated to the US in 1951.  He died in Billings, Montana in December of that same year. Béla Bicsérdy was the most mystical character of the Hungarian social history of the twentieth century. His name was known throughout the country as the ‘Hungarian apostle’ of the raw vegetarian lifestyle [raw vegan] in the 1920’s, 1930’s. His work had been sold in hundreds and thousands issues. In his life only, there were more than 2,500 articles written about him in Hungarian, German, English, Czech, Romanian etc. languages. He held his suggestive speeches in front of hundreds and thousands of people of which were so successful that nearly caused mass hysteria and often led to the consequence of simply prohibiting those [by the governing forces].
According to Bicsérdy, after doctors couldn’t cure him from his illnesses, he became a raw foodist [mostly consuming raw fruits and vegetables] and took long fasts. Bicsérdy claimed that he cured himself from all his illnesses, and his hair and lost teeth grew back.

My Recipes of the Month

Hungarian Bean Soup (Jókai Bableves)

Hungarian Bean Soup  Here is my latest, favorite recipe. Hungarian Bean Soup (Jokai). You
are one of the first to see these recipes.  It’s a healthy alternative to
the great historical Hungarian recipe that is full of carbs, fat, and salt.
My smoky bean soup is named after famous Hungarian writer,
Mór Jókai, who once said:

Flames of passion may eventually be extinguished at the altar
of love. But the oven’s warmth lasts forever. Every plate of food is a
confession of love, or vice versa: a silent cry for divorce.

Everyone will love this recipe! Smoked uncured bacon or ham is the best, but if you want a vegan version, use mushrooms and lots of smoked paprika, and some liquid smoke.

Overnight Carrot Cake OatmealOvernight Oatmeal Carrot Cake Breakfast

If you are like me, you might need a shortcut to a healthy, homemade breakfast.  Just prepare Overnight Oatmeal Carrot Cake. Spend a few minutes in the evening and enjoy a great breakfast, without cooking one! The taste is rich, the effort is little.

Vegan Mushroom Paprikash

Vegan Mushroom PaprikashA vegan version for the traditional and popular vegetarian Hungarian mushroom stew, which you can cook year round. The flavor is the same: Paprika makes the dish very Hungarian. For vegans and gluten-free, serve the mushrooms with rice or zoodles. Quick and simple to make.

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