How Does Liquid Zeolite for Human Consumption Function?

The kind of zeolite utilized in the liquid zeolite for human consumption, is known as clinoptilolite. Clinoptilolite is among the 50 types of natural zeolite. It is harvested from the ground, which is the only place it can be found in. Since it is found in the earth, it already contains harmful toxins. Clinoptilolite might have mercury, lead, and arsenic along with other chemical toxins in it: aluminum, herbicides, pesticide sprays and other things that are everywhere in the air, rain water or in the earth. This needs to be seriously cleaned and processed before being marketed as a supplement for human consumption.

The raw zeolite has to go through an ‘activation process’ that removes each one of these harmful toxins. This activation process removes all extraneous metals and empties the zeolite cage – therefore getting rid of any harmful toxins that were found in the zeolite and ‘activating’ the molecule to get at its best form.

The zeolite molecule is, for those practical reasons, indestructible. Warmth, as much as 900 degrees Fahrenheit won’t crack the molecule; also, it can be frozen in solution and defrosted, with no alternation in activity. It’s also amphoteric – and therefore it is effective equally well within an acidic or perhaps a basic setting (your stomach acidity won’t hurt it).

The zeolite has to be activated in an exceedingly weak, natural acidity, under temperature conditions. This doesn’t break the zeolite down at all – it really forces the elimination of already saved harmful toxins within the zeolite cage. The only things left in solution after this activation may be the micronized zeolite, plus some metals which are larger and remain in solution. These are: calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium. These healthy metals migrate into the zeolite and help stabilize the molecule. After ingestion, they easily undergo cationic exchange with metals being greater on the affinity scale of the zeolite (for instance Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, etc.). Without the activation process, the zeolite products contain harmful toxins and heavy metals trapped in the zeolite’s cage. Furthermore, with no warmth process or some preservative being added, they might be contaminated with microbes and yeast.

What’s the use of zeolite in the human body?

Well… it soaks up all the harmful toxins present in the human body. It draws in the opposite charged molecules (just like a magnet), after which pulls them directly into its honeycomb-like cage. It doesn’t remove such things as potassium and magnesium and calcium, like all the other chelation medicines do. The reason for this is that these molecules are too large to get captured in the zeolite cage, so even when the zeolite attracts them… it won’t have the ability to absorb them. Therefore, it keeps its negative charge and is constantly attracting only those bad molecules which are sufficiently small to get in the cages. Which means you consume the zeolite, this enters your bloodstream, after which it is passed outside your body (mostly with the urine), taking with it all the poisons within your body that should not be there.

The particular Clinoptilolite Zeolite molecule is formed just like a honey-comb and has a natural negative (-) charge. When this kind of Zeolite is consumed by a human, all the positively charged (+) chemical toxins, harmful toxins, and dangerous chemicals bond with the zeolite, being eliminated with the urine within 6-8 hrs.

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