How Much Does Individual Therapy Cost and What are the Benefits You Can Get?

How Much Does Therapy Cost In 2021? (Per Session & Hour)

All therapy sessions rates are per hour, this depends on the type of therapy and how long will the sessions last.To answer the question “How Much Does Individual Therapy Cost?” Depends on the following factors: 

Types of Therapist 

For individual therapy anyone who has a doctorate or master’s degree related to psychology. Therapists are also required to have a license to be able to operate a facility and to be able to practice individual therapy for patients. 

  1. Psychiatrist

They are the most expensive therapist you can get because they are physicians which means they can prescribe medicines to patients and give therapy as well. Initial consultation may range from $300 to $500, during the initial appointment assessment is done so the psychiatrist can determine the real issue about the patients and can formulate the methods needed to be done for the treatment. Once evaluation is done , treatment sessions can be scheduled and rated at $100 per hour. Each session can last for 45 to 60 minutes. 

  1. Psychologist

Unlike the psychiatrist, psychologists  are not medical doctors, but they can also opt to get Ph.D. They are accredited to give therapy but are not allowed to prescribe medications. They used evidence based therapy to help their patients in their mental and behavioral  issues. Their rate ranges from $70 to $150 per session. 

  1. Counselors 

Counselors are students who are supervised by a psychologist. Since they are studying psychology they have the skill to be able to determine people’s behavioral and mental issues. They are also trained on the methods that can help patients fix whatever issues they have as an individual.  

  1. Psychotherapist 

Any mental health professional can be considered a psychotherapist. Their rate may vary from $100 and up depending on the location or other factors. They usually addressed short term issues, like 15 sessions will be an average session they can have with their patients. 


Some individual therapists can partner with your insurance company to be able to get covered or get a discount at least. You can verify this with your therapist even before pursuing the therapy agreement. You can also verify with your insurance company if mental consultations are included so you can set your budget for your therapy and process the documents needed if there are any. 


Some experienced individuals may have a higher rate, for instance some therapists even without a degree can charge $200 to $500 per hour depending on their expertise and years of experience. Although choosing a more experienced therapist will be the best choice, the final decision will still depend on you. 

Benefits of Individual Therapy

One on One Conversation

Compared with group therapy, individual therapy can focus on the individual therefore getting all the attention he needs and being able to comfortably say anything he wants to express. There are people who are not comfortable opening up their personal issues with other people listening. With one on one conversation the therapist can focus on the patient. 

Confidentiality is Assured 

Whatever you talk about with your therapist will only be between you. If you choose to take individual therapy you can be assured that all the details you expressed with your therapist will be kept confidential. Unlike when therapy is done in groups. 

Easier Scheduling 

Compared with other therapy, individual therapy can be easily scheduled since there will only be two people who have to adjust to be able to create a schedule for your therapy. You can choose your most convenient time for your sessions. 

Now that you are not wondering if How Much Does Individual Therapy Cost? 

Then you can decide when to start the therapy, individual therapy may be expensive but you can surely change your life for the better. If there is something bothering you and you can’t figure it out then you need to have individual therapy. Everyone has the time in their lives when they seem to have a personality crisis and others are not that strong enough to handle it. If you think you are one of them, don’t hesitate to contact a therapist who can help you bridge that missing point in your life.Contact them now and learn how to battle your inner self.