How to Get a Girlfriend Even If You’re Ugly, Fat, or Have a Disability

If you’re one of the millions of guys who believe that you can’t get a girlfriend because of some aspect of your physical appearance this article is for you. You’ve probably carried the weight of this burden for a long time. You’ve seen your friends get girls and you’ve probably established a belief that due to your appearance, having a woman in your life just isn’t your “destiny.”

If this sounds familiar you’re not alone. You would actually be surprised at how many guys share the same suffering. Statistics say that 20% of guys get 80% of the girls. Some would believe that this only further supports the notion that physical appearance is important and people who are unattractive are destined to live a life of loneliness and sorrow. But as a guy who struggled with his own limitations when it came to women I can tell you that there is hope. The truth is, being unattractive in some way can actually play as a major advantage when pulling girls. Impossible you say? Well, I’m telling you, it isn’t!

The thing to realize is that when it comes to women looks do not matter all that much. I know it sounds like a lie, but I’m telling you, it’s the truth. Yes, looks will help a good looking guy get his foot in the door, but they will only take him so far. Women are attracted to VALUE, nothing more and nothing less. If you can show a woman that you have high value then she will become attracted to you regardless of what you look like or what disabilities you have. I have seen midgets, cripples, and even dudes with no legs pull hot chicks. And the only difference between them and you is that they didn’t think the same way that you do. They believed that they had something to offer their girls, and consequently they reflected that belief in everything that they thought, did, and said.

So here’s how you do it: Imagine that women have the ability to see right through you. They can look at you and immediately tell what is going on inside you. They can see your beliefs by way of body language, your insecurities by the way your eyes flip, and even your level of self esteem just by the tone of your voice. The funny thing is that most women don’t know how they know, they just do. So when a guy can present these attractive qualities he will literally turn into the best looking guy they have ever seen, and regardless of what physical limitations he may have, women WILL sleep with him.

What’s more, when you can show women that you have a high self esteem despite being fat, ugly, or with a disability, they will actually become MORE attracted to you than they would a good looking guy with the same level of self esteem. Why? Because like the peacock who survives despite the limitations of his enormous tail, they will see that you have the internal strength to rise above societal definitions of attractive and unattractive and have high self esteem despite of it. This is EXTREMELY attractive to women, and that is why some seriously ugly dudes have some of the hottest girls out there. It’s all about their belief system.

In order to learn how to change your beliefs you will need to do some serious work. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you and tell you that it is going to be easy; it won’t. But what I will tell you is that it is possible. With the serious motivation of pulling hot girls, I’ve seen guys rise from the deepest depths to become seduction machines. You will need to work on the way you speak to yourself, your body language, your internal belief systems, and most of all, your self esteem.

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