July 13, 2024

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How to teach kids about anxiety | Podcast

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Stress diseases are getting ever more typical in the United States. In accordance to the Nationwide Alliance on Mental Illness, 19% of American adults experienced an panic condition in 2020.

“It is so popular, and it is so treatable,” reported Heather Erickson , director of Behavioral Wellbeing at Amery Medical center and Clinic. “There is no reason to be ashamed about it or scared to discuss about it.”

But when there’s no disgrace in chatting openly about stress and anxiety, it can nonetheless be a challenging subject matter to discuss with young ones. So when Heather joined us on the For Health’s Sake podcast, our discussion centered on how parents can aid their children fully grasp anxiety, and stay away from passing anxiousness onto them. We lined:

  • The benefits of telling your little ones about your own panic
  • Ideas for training little ones to recognize and manage strain and stress
  • When to see a physician about anxiety

Get your boy or girl aid if they need to have it

Heather encouraged parents to reach out to a mental health qualified if they see symptoms of nervousness in their kids.

“Help exists, and it exists in so many distinct forms,” she stated. “There are so lots of techniques that we can enable our brains and our bodies control anxiousness.”

The very best position to start out is with your child’s physician. Pediatricians and other kids’ well being clinicians are industry experts in caring for children’s actual physical and psychological health. You are going to be capable to get answers to any concerns or worries you have, recommendations and a referral to a psychological health professional if necessary.


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