June 16, 2024

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Keeping plants healthy in a drought | KAMR

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WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Central Texas is continuing to see temperatures in the triple digits and no rain in sight.

Drinking water is a crucial useful resource to residing organisms, such as plants and flowers. So what does the drought indicate for them?

Debbie Boyd at the Greenlife Nursery suggests some crops are drought tolerant, and they do not have a trouble with the climate.

“The thicker the leaf on succulents and the cacti, the a lot less watering you have to do,” Boyd mentioned.

Other crops need distinctive awareness.

Boyd states through the drought, they have to spend additional awareness to their watering, not doing it as rapidly to make confident they are deep watering and obtaining the root ball soaked.

Boyd states the vital to retaining your plants healthy and alive throughout a drought is proper hand watering.

“Sometimes the root ball is so dry, the drinking water will just splash off the ball if you just do it promptly,” Boyd stated. “So you will need to switch down your water hose and make sure you get it soaked. In some cases you want to let the h2o drain and appear back and do it once more.”

They also set up shade cloths to lessen the quantity of direct daylight. In flower beds, mulch will help maintain in moisture and retains the soil from drying out.

“This shade cloth right here is likely to reduce the temperature by several levels,” Boyd reported. “Anything you can do to get aid is wonderful.”

To make absolutely sure your plant is moist sufficient, you can pull it out of the pot, exam its pounds, obtain plant probes, or use your finger or a dowel rod.

She has found a reduce in plant gross sales, the two simply because people today never recognize how to greatest hold their vegetation alive throughout the drought, but also simply because it’s tough for persons to get out in the heat to hand drinking water.

“We designed the rounds to some garden centers out of city this weekend, and absolutely the nurseries are whole and individuals are not planting as significantly,” Boyd said.


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