Martha’s Vineyard Healthy Detox Diet

Martha’s Vineyard Detox Diet is a diet plan that promises not only detoxification and weight loss, but also blood pressure control and energy replenishment. The main plan consists of a full twenty one day detox process, but there are two other smaller options of two days and a week’s tune up.

The diet consists of high density anti-oxidant berry drinks, the herbal cleansing formula, vegetable and green powder juice, lots of herbal tea, aloe Vera supplement, enzyme capsules, home made detox soup and of course, lots of water.

The instructions are all easy to find on their site but the real question is the diet’s reliability. De Luz’s book has the diet mentioned as ’21 pounds in 21 days’, the promising diet has promising signs with its recommendation of lymphatic massages, colonic and coffee enema.

The experts however refer to the fact that such cleanses in general, don’t have a clinical or medical certificate to back up their claim, in fact they also mention that it is quite natural for anyone to feel better if the person breaks away from bad eating habits and starts taking in healthy food and lots of water, the real question is that how the diets affect them when used on a long term basis.

A good thing that can be said about Martha’s Vineyard Detox Diet is that she says it is not only her own recipe that will detox the body, but even small ‘mini detox’ plans can also help the body, for example, a single meal consisting of cleansing foods and berry drinks through out the day, for some period of time can show a healthy and positive change as well.

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