Muscle Workouts – 5 Exercises to Build Muscle Mass Fast

There are many things you need to do to start building up muscle mass. Many beginners think that just going to the gym and lifting a few weights will give them the results they want. But to get the most out of your muscle workouts you have to do things properly. Remember it took you awhile to get your body how it currently is and it’s going to take consistent effort to build up muscle mass.

One of the most powerful types of exercises are called compound exercises. Using these in your workout adds intensity to your routine while at the same time working out more than one set of muscles. By working on more than one muscle group at a time you get the extra benefit of needing to spend less time at the gym.

These types of workouts are different than isolation workouts like the bicep curl where you are focusing on just one muscle group. Don’t get me wrong, isolation exercises are also essential however if you are just getting started or trying to break through a plateau compound exercises are the most efficient way.

Here are five compound exercises that are guaranteed to build muscle mass:

1) Bench Press – focusing on the chest, triceps and shoulders

2) Squats – building up powerful legs and abs

3) Deadlifts – back, abs, legs, forearms

4) Military Press – big thick shoulders and traps

5) Dips – triceps, shoulders, chest, back

When you add these compound exercises to your regular muscle workouts you get the extra benefit of burning more calories when compared to pure isolation exercises. You can also lift heavier weights because multiple muscles are involved.

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