July 13, 2024

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Quantum Brain Healing Uses Oral Chelators and Far Infrared Sauna to Improve Auditory Hallucinations

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Quantum Brain Healing does offer many solutions for hallucinations including orthomolecular medicine with herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. It is important to look at the complete medical situation of the patient before treatment. Underlying diseases must be diagnosed and treated along with the hallucination. Chinese patent herbal formulas can be effective along with scalp acupuncture for this disease. Auricular acupuncture can be successful with the use of retention needles. There should be at least ten treatments of acupuncture before this therapy is evaluated. This disease is one of the more difficult things to treat. Never give up after one treatment on any alternative therapy and think that it does not work. Many brain diseases are extremely difficult to treat and progress will be slow.

Quantum Brain Healing will focus early in treatment on detoxification and use several types of detoxification including far infrared sauna, ionizing foot detox, oral chelators, and the Brown Rice Detoxification Diet. Far infrared sauna should be done twice per week for one month and one treatment every week to two weeks for fourteen weeks. Foot ionizing detox can be substituted for about one-third of the far infrared sauna treatments. Foot ionizing detox can be done without much stress while sitting in a chair. Oral chelators can be taken for a nine month period. Oral chelators include pectin, cilantro, garlic, chlorella, selenium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, milk thistle, malic acid, Vitamin B12, organic wheat grass tablets, organic barley tablets, alfalfa capsules, and alpha lipoic acid. The addition of a whole food multivitamin should be incorporated into the diet. Dietary changes should occur after detox and include organic decaf coffee, reduced refined foods, spring water, organic fruits, and organic vegetables.

Always talk to your doctor about drug abuse, alcohol abuse, nicotine abuse, and caffeine abuse if you have this disease. This may be the root cause of the disease. The toxin build up in the body from these substances can have very serious impact on many diseases over the long term.
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