Try Quantum Orthomolecular Medicine for Treating for Diabetes – Uses Amino Acids Instead of Drugs

Consider treating diabetes with Quantum Orthomolecular Medicine. It can treat many diseases with high doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and nutritional supplements. It is able to treat diabetes without drugs for many people. Diabetes is a very complicated disease. There are several issues connected to diabetes that must be evaluated. If the patient is significantly overweight or obese, one must ask if there was a glucose problem when the patient was normal weight. Weight loss is likely a very large part of this patient’s glucose regulation issues. Is there an addictive eating issue? This is a huge clue to a brain neurotransmitter imbalance which must be balanced before the goals are achieved. Amino acids can be used to regulate and balance glucose and brain neurotransmitters.

Balancing the brain with amino acids and vitamins takes time to achieve the optimal outcome and should be combined with some long term stress relieving activity such as yoga, qi gong, swimming, walking, frequent gardening, tai chi, karate, aerobics, dancing, biking, or exercising at the gym. Regulating the brain will allow weight loss to be less traumatic and easier to manage on a long term basis. The key to success in an approach which will be long term. From a medical perspective, addictive eating, weight loss and glucose regulation are intertwined. The initial step is to balance the brain chemistry and the remaining issues are manageable.

Multi-generational diabetes is frequently a DNA issue rather than a weight loss issue. This is especially true if the family is thin. There is likely a long term pancreatic weakness in the DNA that may have been further degraded by environmental factors like refined foods or toxic chemical exposure. It is my opinion that DNA weakness is frequently managed by removing heavy metal or chemical exposure and adding amino acids to repair damaged DNA. Amino acids have recently been used to extend life in anti-aging research in Italy. The same anti-aging amino acids may prevent DNA damage from occurring. Addressing weight loss and glucose metabolism with amino acids should extend life in a slightly different ways from the anti-aging research in Italy.

Changes in eating are usually needed for all three issues. People with diabetes cannot adequately process carbohydrates. Many patients are unaware that refined foods that are high in carbohydrates recreate a problem with their blood glucose levels. Diets extremely high in carbohydrates can affect blood sugar levels almost as much as refined sugar. Diabetics are unusually sensitive to chemicals in foods. An organic diet is very helpful to this group.

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