July 14, 2024

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What’s Best – Removing Tissue From the Womb or Unwanted Children Starving to Death?

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The religiously brain-washed and die-hard leaders who uphold laws against contraceptives and abortion are literally killing us all. That’s why I asked the question to provoke some common sense into the minds controlled by deaf ears. Removing tissue from the womb before a child is developed is a common sense approach to ward off the impending disaster created by dwindling resources, overpopulation, and world-war three.

Ignorance and power control the World Order and religion sits as the evil basis of it. My reincarnation and memory of passing from life to life proves how wrong the concepts of faith really are. Floating above my parents as they were married one month before my birth proves that the tissue religions argue over as human life is nothing more than that.

The fact that prior to one month before I was born the foetus had no ‘spirit’ and, therefore, was not capable of living without a great deal of medical intervention must open deaf ears. It is shown, however, that a baby born early can live on life support until full maturity is reached but that does not mean that the spirit has entered the body or that it can survive on its own.

Over-population and unwanted children is an awful blight on humanity. Starving children with emaciated bodies are paraded in front of cameras to raise money for charities who claim to assist them. But nothing is done to prevent their birth in the first place.

Religions that forbid contraceptives and would rather see the agony of children suffering are criminally deranged. Leaders who inflict such horror are mentally sick and their gods are fake.

The horror around the world as populations explode and mass migrations take place is beyond my perception of common sense. Amid the chaos are dictators who control their populations through murderous onslaughts against their objectors. They kill and deliver hardship, pain, and unimaginable suffering to survivors, as demonstrated in Syria and neighbouring countries in recent weeks.

Yet none have raised a voice against the religions or the leaders who are so brain-washed and idiotic in their beliefs. In every country they practice their evil and people are forced to abide by their code. They must wear ridiculous costumes, adhere to fasting and other directives from sun-worship, from which their customs arose, and consider heaven and hell as the fate of their ‘souls’ after death.

There is no heaven or hell and the use of them as weapons to belt people with and force them into congregations to hear the preaching of more deranged leaders is a crime. It is also the reason people are instructed to bear as many children as possible because they will grow up in the faith and be similarly brain-washed into the stupidity. Meanwhile many will have a horrid life and some will starve to death or be killed in child-hood.

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