Yog Mudra For Arthritis

It has been found that with changes in diet and food, proper rest, regular Yog Mudras, lifestyle changes, loss excessive weight and we cure joint pain. yoga for arthritis improves the blood circulation in joints and helps in removing unwanted toxins and other waste products.This is totally wrong that arthritis patient should not do exercise or it would damage his joints. Now, even the western research has shown that exercise especially Yoga and various Yog Mudras can control Arthritis. Fact is if arthritis patient tries to move joints then pain increases so he does not move the joints and hence problem increases. As there is no movement, the situation becomes worse. So through the yoga for arthritis done slowly, controlled physical movement of joints are helpful for Arthritis patients.

Arthritis – ‘arth’ meaning joint, ‘itis’ meaning inflammation. The most depressing aspect of the disease is that it does not get easily cured through medicine when it is in chronic stages.

How to cure joint pain with different Yog Mudras –

Vayu Mudra: Fold the index finger on the pad of thumb and press the forefinger through thumb.

Vayu mudra help in controlling Joint Pain, Muscular Pain, any kind of Numbness, joint Swelling and even Kampan Bai.

Diet and Water:
Diet is the most important factor for the joint problem. Healthy diet and water will help to remove waste mater and toxins from the body. Vegetarian diet specially uncooked food, raw juice, sprouted grains and wheat grass juice is very benefical. The patient should take about 100 ml of wheat grass juice daily in the morning and slowly this quantity should be raised upto 300 ml.

Patient should totally avoid preserved cooked food. Always try to have fresh food.

Try to avoid rich Vath food like soybeans, Kadi, Arbi, Uradh dal, Rajama, lady finger, baigan, especially curd at night.
Boiled vegetables, green vegetables, rice cooked with cloves are good to eat.
Add ginger, methi dana in the diet.
Drinking plenty of Luke warm water helps remove toxins from the body.
Fasting once a week is also very helpful.

Body Cleansing Kriyas:
Yogic body cleaning processes known as Shatkarmas are extremely powerful in that they work on specific areas of the body that have the maximum impact upon our health. These detoxification techniques are a sort of cleansing that helps the body rid itself of toxins. When the different systems of the body have been purified, the overall result is that energy can flow through the body freely. One’s capacity to work, think, digest, taste, feel, experience, etc., increases and greater awareness develops. Enema: Lukewarm enema with lemon juice should be given to the patient. Arthritis patients should take proper treatment under the guidance of an expert Naturopath, Magneto-therapist, Accupressure Therapist, or Acu-Puncture Therapist.

Yoga Asans
Simple Yogic basic kriyas like different kind of movement of joints and limps help in improving circulation of blood in these parts of body; Various other kind of Yogasan like: Vajrasan, Pawanmukatasan, Uttanpadasan, Surya Namasker, Sarapasan, bhuanj asan, padam asan, trikonasan, tarasan, kati chakra asan, Anulom Vilom Pranayam etc. are very helpful for Arthritis patients.


Whole body massage with herbal oils having essential oil of Garlic, Arand, Methi are very helpful in curing joint pains. A light massage of medicated Ayurveda Mahanarayan Oil on the limbs and joints is also essential. Red charged oil should be applied over the joints and proper scientific massege should be done over the joints.
Excretory organs and the foreign matter: The foreign matter should be excreted out through the excretory organs properly (Skin, Lungs, Intestines and the Kidneys). Hot footbath,steam bath, sun bath hip bath and cooling wet sheek pack, etc. help a lot in excreting out the foreign matter.

Hot and cold fomentation: Hot and cold fomentation should be applied over the joints of the patient. Three minutes hot pack and 1 minute cold pack should be applied for about 12 months. The treatment should be started with hot pack and end with cold pack.

Chromotherapy plays a vital role in the treatment of arthritis. Some tips are given below:-
Green charged water: About 1-2 cups of green charged water should be given to the patient empty stomach three times daily. This helps in throwing out the toxic matter from the body.
Herbal Therapy: Ajwayan or methi dana or saunth or lahsun or bathwa or nirgundi, etc. are very useful in the treatment of arthritis. About 5 gms of methi dana soaked in water or saunth powder 2.5 gms with honey should be given to the patient.

Mud therapy helps a lot in arthritis. It reduces pain, toxic matter and obesity.

Healthy Tips.
Try to avoid Pain Killers. Instead of painkillers use wax packs to control pain.
Try to control constipation use issabgol, Trifala, bail Powder.
Try to avoid stress, keep your self cool and away from jealousy for any one. Practise meditational techniques to divert your mind.

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