June 24, 2024

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Nurses and Nursing Tasks

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Several times escorting or visiting parents, relatives, friends, and neighbors who are being treated in hospital, two words continue to tickle my mind. The two words are NURSING and NURSING. Carefully, I kept watching paramedic activities from the doctor who came to examine, noted, there were some who commented that there were also silent a thousand bases, continued to go and sometimes there were never met again, until one by one the nurses who took turns serving the needs of the sick patient.

From every one or two doctor’s checks, dozens of actions that must be taken by nurses appear, including things that doctors do not do, such as cleaning the body, injecting drugs, changing clothes, listening to complaints and giving positive advice, at least the patient does not break up desperate with the pain. Wow, how many nurses work and have a very important role. How they actually are the spearhead of a quality hospital service or healthy home.

The accuracy of a doctor’s diagnosis certainly cannot be underestimated. And, that is what it should be, but the role of the doctor that I observed in several hospitals did not touch the care services as the nurses did. Maybe this is already contained in the standard operating procedure (SOP). This paper is not a criticism to change the role of doctors because naturally from the rank and class including the duties (main tasks and functions) doctors will be different from the nurses. However, one thing that we must pay close attention to is that the value of health and healing is very closely related to the treatment process carried out by paramedics. Care is not absolutely the property of nurses but all components including patients who must work together to produce an optimal quality of Gifted Healthcare.

All of this will start from government policies that regulate health standards and health services. Then proceed by all hospital units and healthy homes to provide health services with optimal humane care. Can we see how many hospitals are beautiful like a garden yard? How many hospitals have non-white walls? How many hospital operating rooms have a spooky nuance? or is the hospital ceiling decorated with soothing colors and wallpapers? if need be created an injection tool for children and toddlers with funny colors and cartoon accessories added, it certainly will reduce fear for them.

Then in terms of human resources, how many doctors have graduated from medicine who are truly scientifically tested and skilled and have the soul of a nurse and helper as noble as Mother Theresia? Have mushrooming nurses able to provide soothing services and bring healing? I hope it keeps on growing ….

In the future it is necessary to think and develop how to improve the hospitality quality of a Hospital …