Cure for Psoriasis

What follows is the true story of how I cured my psoriasis by using a simple, well-known nutritional supplement.

I was diagnosed with psoriasis about five years ago. It was plaque psoriasis, and all references in this article to psoriasis apply only to plaque psoriasis. In my case, it manifested itself in thick, scaly, inflamed patches of skin. It was all over both hands, arms and elbows. It was on my legs, in misshapen fingernails and toenails and on my face and genitals. I have seen photographs of people with severe psoriasis that covers most of their body. That was not me. Mine was a serious, but moderate case of psoriasis. But it was real. And it was a nightmarish experience – not only the disease itself, but the whole idea of being the victim of something whose origins are unknown and from which there is no escape.

During the five years or more that I had active psoriasis, I tried some of the topical treatments – including steroids and coal tar. But steroids over long term have undesirable metabolic effects, and coal tar stinks you, your clothing and everything around you. I stopped using both. I tried phototherapy, but after months of going twice a week and standing in a UVB light booth, there was no change. I decided not to try any of the biologics or systemics, as I do not like to put inside me drugs that can cause additional problems. I just decided to manage my psoriasis the best way I could.

But I continued to search the internet looking for other answers. I found nothing. Then I came across a nutritional supplement called N- Glucosamine; its full name is N-acetyl glucosamine, GlcNac, shortened to NAG. This is not regular glucosamine, but a relative. It is a sugar molecule, a derivative of glucose, and is useful in some autoimmune conditions. Multiple sclerosis, for instance, is an autoimmune disease, and in at least one scientific study, N-Glucosamine was shown to suppress multiple sclerosis attacks.

Since psoriasis is believed to be an autoimmune disease, I decided to try and find out what else N-Glucosamine might be able to do, and on one of my searches, I discovered that some unknown company had filed for a patent on the use of N-Glucosamine to treat psoriasis. Lightbulb. Whoever got to the point of filing a patent for this must have observed results that were positive, I reasoned. They must have known that N-Glucosamine could be a treatment for psoriasis, so I decided to try it. It was entirely an act of faith on my part, as I had no knowledge of what would happen. I was the lab rat.

There are numerous brands of N-Glucosamine on the market. I chose one made by Jarrow, a respected nutritional supplements company with its roots in science. Nothing happened for about two months, but somewhere in the third month, I started to see changes: Patches of psoriasis on my hands and elbows, began to disappear. Over the next month or six weeks, more and more lesions disappeared, until by somewhere around four months from the time I started, they literally all were gone. My fingernails that had been distorted, grew in normally, and the skin lesions on both sides of my hands, on my arms and elbows and on my legs all were gone.

It was like a miracle.

Truly, it was something that had to be seen to be believed. I am not prescribing N-Glucosamine or offering advice about it or endorsing it. I am simply telling you what happened to me. If you would like to check out the Jarrow 700 milligram version, the same supplement that I took and still am taking, click on the link on my webpage – ( and it will take you to the page for the supplement.

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