June 22, 2024

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Durex and Trojan – Condom Comparison

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With the availability of numerous brands of condoms in the market, it’s no wonder that some people feel confused over what to choose. The best way to know, of course, is to try one product at a time until you settle for the best brand and type for you and your partner. Let me give you a rundown on two of the more popular brands of condoms: Durex and Trojan.

Both have claims to be the best quality and the best selling. Trojan puts out more product type (29 in the last count) than Durex and is the best selling condom in the United States. Durex is the best selling condom the world over.

For those putting sensitivity high on the priority list for condom selection, Trojan offers it Class Act line of latex condoms, the Trojan Elexa Super Sensitive, Trojan Supra, Trojan Ultra Pleasure, and of course, the Trojan Ultra Thin. All of these products have an average thinness of about .0020 of an inch, to make users feel like they are not using any contraceptive device at all. Be aware, though, that Supra is made of polyurethane and is designed for those allergic to latex. It is also tested to be effective in vaginal sex, but may have the tendency to break when used in other forms of sexual intercourse. From Durex, there’s the Extra Sensitive, Durex Her Sensation, Durex Love condoms, and the Durex Ultimate Feeling. All have the same average thickness as Trojan’s. Some consumers found Her Sensation’s strawberry scent and taste an improvement from latex. Durex also has a polyurethane condom, the Avanti Non-Latex, which is not only thin but also accommodates a wider size.

The Trojan NaturaLamb is made out of lamb skin and touts heightened sensitivity and pleasure, though a little bit thicker. Unfortunately, it is only effective in preventing pregnancy and not the transmission of STDs, so it’s best to be used by monogamous heterosexual couples only that are completely disease-free.

Sometimes consumers find that they are allergic to the lubricants found in condoms and both brands have put out their own non-lubricated products. Just make sure that the separate lubricant you use to facilitate condom placement is water-based, as oils may cause breakage. You can also use contraceptive foam or saliva as alternatives.

The Durex Performax and the Trojan Extended Pleasure are especially made for those finding premature ejaculation a problem. These products contain the chemical benzocaine which can provide slight numbness to the penis, thereby sustaining erection. Again, its efficacy hinges on its proper handling and use, as some consumers complain of numbness as well as difficulty for the guy to ejaculate after extended period of time.

Condom manufacturers have also heeded consumer demands for that something extra in their products, putting out condoms with ribbed, studded, and especially shaped forms. Ribbed condoms from Durex include the Her Sensation, Durex High Sensation, and Durex Ultimate Feeling. The Durex Intense Sensation features tiny studs on its surface while Durex Mutual Pleasure features both ribs and studs. From Trojan, there’s the classic Ribbed and the Trojan Intense Ribbed Condoms. The Trojan Her Pleasure and Trojan Her Pleasure Warming features enlarged head with ribbed surface for that textured experience.

For the endowed individual, Trojan offers several varieties of large and magnum-sized condoms, while Durex only has the Love condoms specifically catering to large penises. From Trojan, there’s the Magnum, the Trojan Magnum Twister, Trojan Magnum Warming Sensation, Trojan Magnum XL, and the Trojan NaturaLamb. And before you go thinking that any size of condoms will do, think again. Inappropriately sized condoms not only can break during the crucial moment, it can also cause pain and loss of erection.

Durex, however, has product lines catering to those looking for visual stimulation and varied tastes in condoms. The Rainbow Colors come in red, yellow, green, orange and blue colors, while the Durex Tropical has banana, orange, mint, and strawberry flavors in hues of orange, red, and yellow.

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