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Emotional Intelligence hacks for healthy relationships

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Emotional Intelligence

Healthy relationship

Emotions intelligence hacks are the foundation of human social life. It is a way through which we convey how we feel to others. Anger, Sadness, Laughter, pity, there are several different kinds of emotions. The capacity to understand these emotions, control, and express them is known as Emotions intelligence hacks. In the growing digital age, where human interaction is turning to minimal and digital presence is amplifying, it has become vital to gain emotional intelligence. Many people are unable to process the emotions, understand them or express them accurately. It is primarily witnessed in the relationships and manifests as one of the significant problems.

Emotional Intelligence hacks

Intelligence hacks

Much like Intelligence quotient (IQ), Emotional intelligence is one’s ability to understand the emotions, control them, and express them. One can be very well aware of their feelings, and some people learn to control their emotions. Permanently, they can shut the feelings or use them for manipulations. It is a feat and a different kind of intelligence. It is entirely different than IQ, however. One can be intelligent but still, lack any form of emotional intelligence. The two are entirely different factors. Often, smart people turn ‘cold’ and ‘apathetic’ which results in zero emotional intelligence.

The connection between Love and Emotions

Connection between Love and Emotions

Love is an emotional connection. Understanding each other’s mental and physical health needs is a prominent part of a successful relationship. These needs get a platform of expression through the use of emotions. If we feel happy with someone or laugh with someone, we generally grow to like them more. These feelings help us formulate decisions. They help us in identifying a compatible partner for a healthy relationship.

Similarly, feeling sad, loathe, or ‘down’ in general is also crucial for an in-depth analysis of the person and to determine whether they are ideal for us. It is nature’s way of helping us identify a perfect mate. The way they react to our emotional needs, not only the positive but also the negative ones, helps us in understanding the eligibility of the partner.

Why do we need Emotional intelligence?

Emotional unavailability is becoming a growing concern. It is where one or both partners are unable to express how they feel, and often they may lack empathy. Due to the modern media where gothic and emo style is trendy, people start to incorporate ‘too cool to care’ attitude. In the later stage, it develops into emotional incompetence. There are other factors like the experience of upbringing and lack of social interaction, and regardless, it is a critical problem.  We often grow detached from the people who do not respond to our emotional needs. It is in human nature to be understood, and we use voice, signals, and emotions to be understood. Humans communicate by using these methods.

Hence, understanding emotional intelligence and learning to improve it will drastically help us in becoming more humane. In simple words, we are turning into machines with stoic expressions and lack of interactions. Self-exploration and growth are necessary, and emotional intelligence is a primary aspect of it. For a healthy relationship with our peers and special someone, we need emotional intelligence.

We are presenting you with some of the best emotional intelligence hacks in a relationship (Couples) to help you establish a healthy and prosperous relationship. Through these practices, you will be able to form the required rapport with the significant other.

  • Identify emotions- The best Emotional Intelligence hacks

Pay attention because it is not as easy as it sounds. Read them and see how they behave. It is essential to understand their emotional frequency and to do that, and you have to see how they react to certain things. One of the best methods to do it is by taking them to movies if they enjoy them. Because there are a plethora of movies that trigger different kinds of emotions in our beings. Observe how they react in different types of situations and stories.

What makes them happy, what makes them sad, what makes them envious. It is essential to pay attention to all of these details. Yes, it sounds a bit too much, but you do not have to research on them like a test subject, let it be natural. A smooth flow should be maintained, and you do not have to rush. Once you identify their emotions and the way they react, you can move to the second step.

  • Explore yourself to understand your feelings.

Emotional intelligence is a two-way street. If you are exploring their emotions and studying them, it is vital to do the same to yourself. Perform similar research to yourself. Our feelings are usually subconscious, and we do not pay immediate attention to the triggers. But by actually growing conscious to learn about them, we can understand ourselves better. Not everyone feels a warm or heavy heart when they watch a romantic movie, and not everyone cries either, you have to acknowledge any emotion you feel at that moment. Even if its loathe or distaste, it is an essential aspect of exploring yourself and attaining a more in-depth understanding of yourself.

Take notes; it does not mean that you are emotionally incompetent; it just means you have different triggers and experiences. The exploration is not restricted to only movies, pay attention to how you behave around certain people and in different situations. Your thought process and the feelings are an ideal method of exploring yourself.

  • Pay attention to the feedback.

This is one of the critical Emotional Intelligence hacks in Relationships (Couples). You should accept who you are and your mental capabilities, but it does not mean that you can’t improve. Other people, especially your other half, is more likely to make critical remarks regarding your emotional competency. Anyone who has known you quite some time will be able to assess your psychological condition. Listen to what the people have to say. If they ask you to laugh more, try to find methods to smile more. But don’t be a pushover or try to please everyone. It is essential to take the criticism under consideration but not at the cost of your wellbeings.

Only constructive criticism will help you become a better person and evolve. One of the best ways is to listen to what you lack from your significant other, don’t get offended. Take deep breaths and keep yourself calm because these points are going to help both of you to grow remarkably. However, the process of acceptance begins with the next step.

It is not rocket science, but people will testify that a successful relationship requires both sides to listen to each other. Whatever your partner demands, you should be able to process it. One does not have to provide but only listen. For example, sometimes we complain not because we want a solution, but we want someone to hear us out. This breaks the wall around your emotional field and provides a passage to access your emotions. Most of the time, a person’s emotional demands are in their voice. Whatever they are trying to say is directly related to how they are feeling. It is essential to pick on these cues and improve the art of listening for a healthy relationship.

  • Form transparent communication

It is perhaps the most pivotal point on the list. For a couple to work together and co-exist, it is vital to form a transparent communication. Transparency is when you do not have to hide anything from each other, the exercise beings by being upfront and honest about everything. Often, the cause of fallout in the relationship is the lack of transparency and honesty. By being honest, we are helping each other. If you are uncomfortable with something, let your partner know.

Secondly, one has to communicate. Do not assume anything and certainly prevent the overthinking from becoming an apparent obstacle in the growth of the relationship. It is crucial to communicate and convey what we are thinking and what we meant. The human mind is flawed, and it is bound to overthink and form its scenarios. Overall, we also can’t expect other people just to know what we want or what we are thinking, we have to tell them, and thus, healthy communication is established. Healthy transparent communication allows the couple to understand each other emotionally and therefore, polish the emotional intelligence.


However, by keeping these Emotional Intelligence hacks in Relationships (Couples) in mind, anyone can develop a healthy relationship. You will be able to communicate better and develop empathy regarding each other. This empathy will help form rapport with other living beings, as well. Moreover, by practicing these points, you are necessarily covering the five main factors of emotional intelligence: Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and Social Skills.

All in all, we have covered all the five fundamental components regarding emotional intelligence while also presenting the methods of healthy relationship practices. Try to incorporate these steps into your daily exercises and witness the exceptional change in your psychology capabilities. If you discover the progress and find the article beneficial, guide your friends, and loved ones with these methods. Spread happiness and help the couples attain healthy emotional intelligence for a prosperous future.


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