Hardgainer Bodybuilding Exercise Program to Build Muscle Mass Now

Are you a hardgainer who feels that it is impossible to build muscle mass? You cannot follow a bodybuilding exercise program that you see in the bodybuilding magazines. Those magazines are written for people who are naturally gifted or on steroids. If you don’t believe me, you are probably a hardgainer who has been working out for a few years with no results to prove.

Here is a hardgainer bodybuilding exercise program to build muscle mass now:

Note – Always warmup with light weight towards your 5 rep max. For instance, if you can do 150 pounds 5 times, then you should warmup with bar (45 pounds) for 10, 75 for 5, 105 for 2, 135 for 1, then do your 5 rep max as an actual set. Also, you need to consult a personal trainer or somebody who knows how to do the listed exercises properly to prevent injury. Rest two to three minutes per set.

Deadlift on Monday – A lot of people avoid deadlifting because it is “tough”. If you are a real hardgainer, you need to toughen up and deal with this exercise. You can easily injure your lower back so you really need to know what you are doing here.

Weighted Parallel Dips on Wednesday – If you can do tons of these with your own body weight, you need to add weights. You want these to be difficult. Why would you do these instead of bench pressing? Free body motions will make your body work harder than pushing a bar up and down.

Squats on Friday – A lot of people also avoid doing squats because it is a leg exercise.

These are a great simple hardgainer bodybuilding exercise program to boost your testosterone naturally. The muscular people you see have high testosterone. You should increase 5 or less pounds of weight per week to your program. When you hit a plateau, it is time for you to take a week or two off for breaks. You will not build more muscle mass just because you lift the same weight every time you go in the gym.

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