June 16, 2024

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Healthy Snacks For Game Night Your Family Will Love

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Got the game but need munchies to go with it? Here are some healthy snacks for game night that your family will love.

I admit it: My family can fall into an after-dinner rut of parking in front of the TV for Netflix–or worse, staring zombie-like into our own devices.

But on the nights when somebody suggests a game, and everyone eventually (yet often begrudgingly) agrees, the evening is transformed.

Suddenly we’re laughing and creating silly family in-jokes. Instead of scrolling.

What any transformative game night needs: good snacks. 

Nothing too messy, since all those fingers will also be moving playing pieces and shuffling cards. 

Nothing too elaborate, since part of the magic of staying home is not having to impress anyone.

And if these game night snack ideas can deliver the kind of nutrition your little competitors need, all the better.


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