Myths About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has a heavy reputation across society. As an expert practitioner in the field, Dr. Joel Aronowitz won’t ever argue with that point. Hollywood and the entertainment industry has crafted an image of medical science for decades, which is now rooted in American culture’s perception of the field. However, there is also a practical side among people who are looking to maintain or improve their appearance that plastic surgery is also desirable too. It helps to get rid of some of the myths that confuse people about it.

Myth 1 – Plastic Surgery is Easy to See

Joel Aronowitz MD regularly has to dispel this rumor. The fact is, well done, high-quality plastic surgery is not very discernable at all. It’s the poor quality or botched cases that get much of the attention, and they also contribute to the myth that all plastic surgery is the same in results. In reality, simple procedures like Botox and surgical procedures like facelifts all can be done without the effects being prominent, creating a very natural appearance. The difference comes in the experience of the practitioner applying the medical treatment, knowing specifically how that treatment should be applied correctly.

Myth 2 – Implants Don’t Require Maintenance

Implants can go a long way in providing a younger, healthier appearance, but they do require some care and maintenance. Especially with procedures that involve an implant on soft tissue, like breast implants, the implants must be protected from intense pressure or impact, and should be replaced every ten years or so. An experienced doctor will sometimes combine the implant procedure, as well as skin-tightening procedures, for a comprehensive end result that provides a more youthful, long-lasting look.

Myth 3 – Liposuction Loses Lots of Weight

This myth is definitely not true. Liposuction is a technical surgical procedure that removes a handful of pounds of material from the body to improve shape and size. The effect removes a deposit of body fat that is concentrated in specific locations, but it does not help a person lose 40 or 80 lbs in one procedure. Additionally, Dr. Joel Aronowitz points out, liposuction has no effect on visceral fat. That is the internal fat that puts on serious weight in the gut and creates health problems. Visceral fat is only reduced through diet and exercise.

Myth 4 – Fat Doesn’t Come Back After a Procedure

It is entirely possible for the body to reproduce fat cells and mass over time. What happens is that the fat simply deposits elsewhere versus where it was removed. So, without good eating, exercise, fitness, and healthy living, people can still end up with problem weight again. Plastic surgery should be used as the starting point, not the finish line.

As Joel Aronowitz MD regularly informs his patients, plastic surgery isn’t a perfect fix for every appearance need or restoration, but it can be incredibly powerful in the physical improvement benefits possible. And the key factor is making sure the service is provided by a quality plastic surgeon.

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