July 13, 2024

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Natural Treatments For Asthma, in Particular Homeopathic

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The natural treatments for asthma, in particular homeopathic, work by raising your immune system. This is invariably at the core of all health issues, for if your immunity was good, you wouldn’t have a health problem. Your immune system would be in action, preventing all and every problem before it got a foothold.

You need to remember that asthma is simply a label. A label that confirms a few symptoms that fit into the medical definition. It means nothing more.

Homeopaths look at a far wider collection of your symptoms, which we then use to determine the closest match to an appropriate homeopathic medicine. If the match has been a good one, your asthma will disappear, along with many other health issues.

Your energy will improve and you will be more mellow.

How different is that to the cortisone laden drugs many asthma sufferers take?

Another important, noteworthy fact is that asthma was never a fatal disease before the widespread use of cortisone in its treatment. Although the symptoms of someone in an asthma attack looked scary to the onlooker, that’s all they were.

There are many homeopathic medicines which will rectify the symptoms of asthma easily and effortlessly. And the best way to find the most appropriate one for you is to see a professional homeopath.

However, there are also some common home prescribing homeopathic medicines which also target asthma. You need to be able to match your symptoms to those of the medicine, to get the results you are seeking. And this is not for everyone. But many do make headway.

Pulsatilla in a homeopathic medicine which works by raising your immune system so you can cure yourself. It may be considered one of the most common natural treatments for asthma, as long as your symptoms agree.

Here are some of Pulsatilla’s common lung related symptoms:

  • asthma which may be allergic asthma
  • oppression of the chest (dyspnea) which is worse lying down, evening, night, getting a cold
  • cough especially in children, worse in evening, at night, lying down
  • a history of bronchitis
  • symptoms are better in cool environments, worse for heat or stuffy rooms
  • expectoration is bland, thick, yellow or green

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