Schizencephaly Treatment: G Therapy Shows Positive Effects

Schizencephaly also known as Split Brain is a medical condition due to splits or clefts in the brain tissue. This is a very rare condition and is caused due to poor anatomical development of the embroytic brain during the first seven months of pregnancy. However, the exact reason behind such a condition is yet unsure.

There are two forms of Schizencephaly namely Open Lipped and Closed Lipped depending upon the walls of the cleft separated or not separated, respectively. Clefts are formed on one side of the brain or both sides of the brain and from the brain surface they further advance to the ventricles that are filled with fluid.

This medical condition may appear as porencephaly. However, in Schizencephaly, cleft is lined with brain tissue while scar tissue and white matter are evident in porencephaly. MRI examination can also be used to distinguish between the two.

As aforementioned, the reasons of this disease aren’t clear as yet. The embryonic brain damage during the initial seven months of pregnancy is said to be one of the reasons. This damage may be due to less blood flow causing cerebrovascular accident (CVA, stroke), infection and EMX2 gene mutation.

There are several manifestations as this medical condition could manifest differently depending upon the width of split. It may include delay in development of microencephaly, hydeocephalus which is when fluid accumulates in the brain, limb paralysis Hypotonia, increased muscle tone known as Spasticity and mental retardation seizures. Testing it through genetics isn’t made possible but MRI or CT are the methods which can easily detect the problem.

There is no such cure for Schizencephaly, however, G Therapy is believed to have shown positive changes in a few cases of patients suffering from this medical condition. There have been several global improvements shown by these patients after G Therapy alongside improvements in muscle tone, understanding, milestones and speech.

A renowned research and treatment centre, the Center for Life Sciences, Health and Medicine, India (CLSHM) conducts works with developmental disabilities and neurological conditions. The G Therapy combines medical treatment of homeopathy and biochemic remedies. They have shown improvements in numerous cases of Mental Subnormalities, ADD/ADHD, Stroke, Neuropathies, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, Mental Subnormalities and more.

Patients from countries like USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore, China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and others come over for the treatment using G Therapy to achieve the positive effects such as better speech, improved motor and cognitive functions and behavior.

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