Smoothie Hack for busy days!

This is my new go-to smoothie hack! Evive ready-to-eat smoothie cubes are life-changing! They come pre-packaged in frozen cubes that you just pop into the blender with plant milk or add to a shaker cup with plant milk, and in 20 minutes you have a delicious smoothie!

Evive uses organic and non-GMO ingredients and each flavor contains between 6-18 grams of protein with no added sugar! Each cube is packed with superfood nutrients like chlorella, broccoli, carrots, and more. These are perfect for a busy morning or an afternoon snack for the kids. 

Evive is available online and in-stores nationwide! Online they have 13 flavors available but in-store they have their 4 best-sellers which are so delicious! I found my Evive in Integral Yoga Health Food Store in Charlottesville, VA! If you are in the area I recommend checking them out to purchase your Evive.

Here are the flavors available in store…

  • Asana: An acai & blueberry base giving a traditional acai bowl flavor! High in antioxidants. 
  • Sapphire: Features a fun summery flavor with pineapple and lemon using blue spirulina to fuel the brain and make an electric blue color.
  • Yogi: The ultimate green smoothie – packed with greens & essential nutrients to fuel your day.
  • Samurai: Their best-selling berry smoothie. Made with berries & beets, high in vitamin C & antioxidants. 

As a certified nutritionist, I recommend Evive because each cube is packed with essential nutrients and tastes great! These are perfect for people with busy schedules or for kids who do not like the taste of veggies.
You can find Evive in your local grocery store’s organic section in the frozen aisle! Click here to find Evive in a store near you and receive $1 off your next in-store purchase. 

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