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Sodium Chloride Impregnated Dressings (Mesalt)

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There are few products designed to absorb large amounts of exudate from wounds. Mesalt, a gauze dressing permeated with crystalline sodium, is made specifically for such wounds. The following will enable you to learn more about these dressings and how to use them.

Product Overview

Mesalt uses a wicking action to draw fluid and debris out of wounds, while still maintaining a moist wound environment. Mesalt can be used on wounds that are infected and draining heavily. Its mechanism of action is to create a hypertonic wound environment, which decreases interstitial edema and allows for wound cleansing and the removal of slough as a result of moist necrosis.


  • Infected wounds
  • Wounds with moderate to heavy drainage (exudate)
  • Deep cavity wounds
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Surgical wounds


  • Not to be used on wounds that have light drainage, as it may dry out the wound excessively and stick to it


  • Perpetuates a moist wound environment
  • Decreased potential for sticking to the wound
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Conforms to any wound configuration (comes in pads and ribbon form)
  • Aids in bacterial balance, helping wounds to become more receptive to antimicrobials


  • May need to be changed frequently if the wound is draining heavily
  • Requires a secondary dressing
  • May damage newly formed tissue if there is not enough moisture available in the wound bed
  • May be painful to some sensitive patients
  • May not be cost effective due to frequent need for dressing changes

 Mesalt dressing are applied dry and removed when saturated. If a Mesalt dressing sticks to the wound, you should consider using a different type of dressing. Mesalt dressings should be discontinued when debridement of the wound is no longer required and new growth of granulation tissue in sufficient amount is present.

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